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your music can make an impact.

When I was 21, I was diagnosed with cancer.


I spent three months in the radiation clinic at Stanford Hospital.


Every morning I'd walk in, take off my shirt, and lie down on a cold, metal table.


“Is there anything special you want to listen to today?” a nurse would ask.

“No,” I'd always reply. ”Just your favorites.”

A few seconds later, music would fill the room as a massive metal machine spun around me, spewing radiation through my chest.

While radiation might have healed my body, that music healed my spirit. It reminded me there was a world beyond what I was going through. That I wasn't alone. And that somehow, things would be okay.

As an artist, you can make this kind of impact. Your music can move and inspire others in ways you can't possibly imagine.

Somewhere out there, there's a heartbroken teenager, lonely twenty-two year-old, or terrified cancer patient waiting to be soothed by your songs.

And if this is what you're about, I'm here to help you make it happen.


meet your new mixer.

Hey, I'm Jason — a Los Angeles–based mixer who helps artists with impact create records that move and inspire millions.


I'm a graduate of New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where I honed my skills through mentorships with Grammy-winning music-makers like Bob Power (The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest), Kevin Killen (David Bowie, U2), and Jim Anderson (Miles Davis, Death Cab For Cutie).


Through my website Behind The Speakers and workshops at NYU, I've taught the craft of mixing to hundreds of thousands of music-makers worldwide. My how-to articles and videos have been viewed over four million times, and can be found in major industry publications by Berklee, TuneCore, SonicScoop, The Pro Audio Files, and Disc Makers.


My work can be heard on records that feature artists like Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter, Maggie Rogers, Riff Raff, Phoebe Ryan, Madilyn Bailey, Alice Kristiansen, Lenny White, and Grammy-winning producer Jeff Bova (Michael Jackson, Celine Dion).


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