okay, so you might wanna work together.

here's a bit more about what that looks like...

step 1: creative call

I start every project with a creative call so I can understand the unique sound you're going for. This way, I can create a custom mix that brings the sound you hear in your head to life.

step 2: mix

The best records are born from collaboration. That's why my mixing process is high-touch and features lots of communication.

step 3: release

After I've finished your mix, my job isn't over. I provide referrals and feedback during mastering, plus consulting to help you plan for a successful release — so your new record can make an impact and grow your audience. You'll also join my private Artist Accelerator Facebook group, where you'll connect with other successful artists who will help you reach your long-term goals.

ready to learn more?

Just fill out the form on the next page. I'll be in touch to schedule a call so we can talk and see if we're the right fit.

For everything else, email studio@jasonmoss.com.

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